Embassy Helpdesk

Due to data privacy laws we cannot provide details. OFBJP has heard good stories, ugly stories & painful stories. 

Help with Support of Embassy

  1. Supporting Indians to connect with Embassy to access Vande Bharat flights and chartered flights during Covid
  2. Supporting Indians about passport renewal process and connecting them to Embassy
  3. Guiding newly / travelling Indian community on consulate Services and connecting them to Embassy. We have helped several people to guide and support them to get their emergency Passport as it was lost or stolen passport. 
  4. Since 2016 we have helped people to take the dead body to India including helping Indian origin illegal migrant dead body to go to India for cremation. For more information Click here.  Please feel free to contact us in case you need any help to send dead body to India for cremation or send the remains/ ashes back to India
  5. OCI Card and Indian Visa:  We have supported and guided several Hindustani friends to get OCI card by explaining the process and connecting them to Embassy. In addition we have requested Ministry of External Affairs under the leadership of Sushma Swaraj Ji to provide OCI card to sixth generation Hindustani Suriname’s0