Fight Against Cancer

OFBJP volunteers to support fight against Cancer.
It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to Increase Indian Dutch Friendship. OFBJP has been contributing towards social causes since inception especially to Dutch Society problems as OFBJP beliefs this is the best way to integrate, demonstrate वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् – the world is one family and elevate Indian-Dutch Friendship.
OFBJP team united with Pardha Saradhi and Anji Boddupally from NLTC team to volunteer for Amstelveen Spring Marathon organised by Athletics Association Startbaan #AVStartbaan and KWF. KWF organises Run against cancer program which is well-known in Dutch Society. The money raised is used to contribute for cancer research where no one has to die from cancer anymore.
All the winners were given a book on Yoga from Ministry of Auyush and Modi pen by Sandeep Kiran ,Kishore Kumar and Pratima Singh. This book is a representation of Knowledge and Health. OFBJP hopes to continue to inspire people to acquire knowledge and remain Healthy across the world. For more information click here