OFBJP team honors Sir Anton Philips as our HERO.
Anton Philips is a known visionary, honored by Royal family and many other organisations. Anton Philips is a known name and  role model to many in Dutch Society. What connects OFBJP to him is his belief in togetherness, his continuous efforts to create a better world and he resonates with our Elderly Program. OFBJP team admires his continuous hard-work, dedication, passion, agility and humility to influence so many lives even at the age of 86 years. He is a true inspiration for all of us. 
OFBJP team met Anton Philips at his house to honor him as our HERO with Modi pen, Yoga book & CD from Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. 

Message from OFBJP HERO – Anton Philips  

Anton Philips is a known name in the Dutch Society. By order of His Majesty King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands he was knighted in the order of Oranje Nassau on the 15th of September 2017 . Anton Philips was born in 1932. His great uncle Gerard and grandfather Anton are the founders of Royal Philips Electronics. Rather than following the obvious path of a career within this company, Anton Philips chose to work as a volunteer with an NGO called Moral Re-Armament. He travelled to Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States for 12 years and devoted his service to spreading the idea that economic change and social change must start with personal change. The program included efforts to reconcile former enemies such as Japan and the Philippines, France and Germany, labor and management, black and white and to unite them for the purpose of bringing about a better world. 
In order to support his father Frits – who was then President of Philips – in making this company a socially responsible enterprise he joined Philips and worked in this company for 15 years in the Netherlands and Mexico.
Anton Philips is the pioneer in bringing the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities®. (SIMA®) to the Netherlands. He applied this method in his career guidance company Emergo b.v. and has been working since 30+ years in this field. His vision is that it should be normal for all people to do work in which they can fully develop, use their talents and find real satisfaction. He realized that in order to achieve this on a national scale it had to start with young people. For this purpose in 2006 he founded Stichting Emergo. The mission of this organization is to help young people to understand themselves so well that they choose the right career direction and the education that will get them there. MOtAM b.v, the sister organization of Stichting Emergo, trains career counsellors and educators to become certified professionals in SIMA® They help students to find their own intrinsic motivation. Thousands of people found the career direction which best fitted them as a consequence of this program. Anton Philips wrote a book along with Annemiek van Kessel about the method he uses to help people find their Motivated Abilities Pattern and base their careers choices on the outcome. It is called De Kracht van Motivatie and is published in the Dutch language.
The Power of Motivation
A leading Dutch newspaper Financieel Dagblad published an article. Click here to read the full dutch article.
Anton has three children and three grandchildren. He has world class international education in Dartmouth College USA, Delft Technical University and Harvard Business School.