Visa extension guidelines from IND in Pandemic situation

In March 2020, OFBJP family received several calls and questions regarding continued stay in Netherlands. One of our eminent members Neetu Sethi Datta Ji has made calls to IND during this week and gathered together following information. We hope this is useful to our community. We thank Neetu Ji for preparing, validating and double checking all inputs from IND. We thank Ratheesh Venugopal Ji for bringing this information online so quickly.

Dear All,
We hope you are safe and taking all measures to protect yourself from coronavirus. Recently we have received questions to extend the visa/ work permit/ stay of your family/relatives in The Netherlands. Most of you are already in The Netherlands.

We advise you to take following 5 steps

Step 1: and understand procedure details on IND website :  and select English option as the language (upper right hand side)

  1. Click on “Short Stay”
  2. Click on “Further Applications” for the option to extend/change your visa.
  3. By default, IND advises you to make personal appointments.

Step 2: Call IND on 088 043 0430 (There could be a long call waiting – so kindly be patient and you will surely be able to connect with an IND representative). Explain your goal and situation. Please ensure to decide upfront if you want to leave the Netherlands or stay longer. You can call on behalf of your relative/family members.

Step 3: Make a personal appointment for a face-to-face meeting as advised on the website.

Step 4: Confirm (always good to check before!) which document you need to carry with you for the appointment. Do not forget to carry the passport as it reflects visa details, validity etc.

Step 5: During your meeting make sure you address all your questions to IND. If needed prepare a list of questions in advance.

Step 6: Extend Health Insurance as well.

Note – IND will guide you further with the next steps based on your personal situation.

Latest update – Saturday March 21st 2020

On Phone extension service for visa extension!!
Now you can extend your visa on the phone without the need to visit in person. Please call IND if you like to have your visa extended and they will be able to guide you further.‘On-Telephone-extensions’ for visas is a recent service extended by IND in these not so normal times. The time limit for the extension is a max of 90 days. On a case to case basis IND will be able to guide.

We also advise you to read the latest news and announcements on IND website and other key websites. As per the latest update the European Commission has mentioned that Schengen visa holders currently in the Schengen area, can extend their visas, as the EU visa rules provide them with the right of extension due to force majeure. (Complete link to this news article is as follows:

We all understand these are difficult times and we are happy to support/help you in the best of our capacity.

Yours sincerely,
The OFBJP Pandemic Support Team

This document presents the facts which are based on dated Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Readers are requested to please refer to the IND website to know of any latest updates hereafter. This document is a voluntary act of assisting our expat community.