Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (OFBJP) is one of the largest Indian Diaspora organisation across the globe. OFBJP Netherlands was established in 2015 
based on the philosophy of  वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam), which means “the world is one family”. The below powerful and extraordinary speech by our Peoples President – Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam at European Parliament brings the essence of our being and continuation.

OFBJP Netherlands is a non-profit, philanthropic, cause driven foundation established to help Indian-Dutch Community. All members are volunteers from corporate and business sectors. All members unite to contribute toward growing India-Netherlands Friendship. OFBJP Netherlands is on a mission to create a better world for our current and next generation with support of Indian and Dutch Community. OFBJP team are supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision and sympathiser of BJP Government (current ruling party) in India. In Netherlands, OFBJP has collaborated with several members of Dutch political organisation like VVD, D66, 50Plus,CDA,SP, PVV etc. to ensure two-way communication with the political leaders for understanding how Indian Community can contribute towards Dutch Society and address the challenges of Indian community. For more information about OFBJP Netherlands click here

Anton Philip, OFBJP HERO launched this website on 3 March 2018. 


OFBJP family was informed by Rajashekar Ji that Rohith Padmavathi Ji residing in Hilversum needed immediate medical advise and morale support. When our team in OFBJP spoke to him he was undergoing excruciating pain. OFBJP contacted Rajesh Ravi Ji who had undergone similar treatment gave him immediate advise which was immensely valuable to get immediate pain relief. OFBJP team has been in close contact with Rohit Ji since last few months to ensure if he needs any help it can be rendered. We are proud of the fact that several Indians from Hilversum came forward to help Rohit Ji with delivering food, providing morale support etc. Rohit Ji is also a part of Telegu mom’s group in Hilversum. He informed us that everyone in this group helped them whenever he needed help. The Hilversum Indian Community supported us to get medicines, groceries and also cooking food for a week. They provided immense moral and mental support. Rohit Ji told OFBJP team that “ I decided to go to India due to the bitter reality of the health care system. I reached India safely due to the support of my community. I will continue to get my medical treatment and surgery here in India“. OFBJP would like to thank the following fellow Indians who came forward to support Rohit Ji in Hilversum:

  1. Rani Ji
  2. Rambabu Ji
  3. Chakradhar Ji
  4. Sivateja Ji
  5. Pavani Ji
  6. Rajashekhar Ji
  7. Aparna Ji
  8. Deepthi Ji
  9. Praneeth Ji
  10. Vishal Ji
  11. Sai shwetha Ji
  12. Uma tadepalli Ji
  13. Sandeep pankajakshan Ji
  14. Shilpa Ji
  15. Vijayasree Ji
  16. Kinshuk Ji
  17. Rajesh Ravi Ji
  18. Rajashekar Ji

We thank each one and wish Rohit Ji all the best and a lot of success with his surgery. We are proud of our Community and especially thank our Telugu community 🙏🙏

Brotherhood and Sisterhood: