Vinod Sehdev

OFBJP team honours Vinod Sehdev as our HERO.
Vinod who is self-employed and director of the Indian restaurant Invitation in Noordwijkerhout and is known for unprecedented sense of hospitality. 
Vinod has been supporting several charitable events such as Cancer Walk Haarlem. He supports the elderly and young Dutch people and relationship between the Netherlands and India in many ways. The Mayor in his speech said ” Mr. V. Sehdev has qualified as someone who has worked for society for a long time or has encouraged others. Given the nature, duration, national appearance and significance of the activities, he was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau, which is a Royal Honour given on behalf of Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands. He met Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all these reasons.

Vinod continues to help and lend a listening ear to various needy people. Recently he helped entrepreneur in health food articles who suffered from a mouse plague. For weeks he came to help before and after closing time to pack everything in the store and later unpack it again. He is involved in state visits of several delegations which the Indian Ambassador organises. Below are list of responsibility managed by Vinod

-From 2016 to 2018 he was president (chairman) of NIA. As president he organized and coordinated the annual celebration of the Indian Independence Day, supported the celebration of 70 years of relations between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of India and coordinated 9 major events, including the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Walk. It is stated that he is a connecting factor between the Netherlands and the Indian community in the Netherlands.
– From 1994 to 2015 he was a member, volunteer and organizer of NIA events, such as the national celebration of Diwali (festival of light), cricket matches, Festival India and Indian Independence Day. The number of members and participants in the events grew steadily in this period to 1500. He also devoted himself to the recruitment of volunteers
– In 2007 he was the head organizer of the annual cricket match. 
– 1996-2018 He is a volunteer and board member (2015-2018) of the Indian Business Chamber Netherlands: organized various events.
– From 2006-2008 and 2016-2018 he was a volunteer at the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce & Trade (NICCT): supported business seminars.
– From 2010-2017 he was a volunteer at various Hindu temples in the Netherlands: catering at events and supported light and sound technology.
– 2014-2018 Treasurer Friends for Gandhi Center Foundation (FFGC): supported the organization of activities and the Vaisaki Festival. 
– 2014 Volunteer at Stichting India Nederland Suriname: supported the Gandhi Walk in Utrecht. 
– 2015-2018 Volunteer at the Foundation for Critical Choices for India (FCCI): supported the International Yoga Day. 
– 2017 Board of Advisor and Unity partner of Overseas Friends Bhartiya Janta Party (OFBJP). This organization is committed to improving relations between the Netherlands and India, supporting state visit by Prime Minister Modi to Belgium (2016) and the Netherlands (2017), Commitment to repatriation of Indian nationals after the attack on Brussels airport. 
– In 2001 he committed to fundraising for the heavy earthquake in Gujarat, located in a state of India.
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