Note of thanks from Vinit Ji & Kajal Ji

” Hello everyone, this is kajal Agrawal and vinit Agrawal! 

We were traveling on a trip to Europe and my husband got fever and chills in starting of the trip that was on our first flight and later it was everyday, to cut it short we reached Amsterdam and it was like everyday more and more symptoms with high savourity so we were struggling to find doctor help as you all know how hard it is to find a medical help in a Indian way in Netherlands, so now overseas friends of BJP Netherlands help group came in picture I came in contact through Mr Ratheesh ji and this was a break through for me ! Everyone contacted in the group (Jeet ji, Kiran ji, Mahima Ji, Surendra ji, Ratheesh ji, Arun ji , Anita ji, Naidu ji, Pratima ji and more ).. I liked how everyone is taking part and have specialization to handle on, like one is helping me with insurance and the other with arranging with home food so it was like I have a family here who is really really supporting me despite their own work schedule and it was really nice and I don’t have words how to put this but midnight or mornings, my demand to help was their service and I just cannot thank enough to each and everyone I met and who helped me !

Thank you so much and more power to you all anywhere I can do something for you all it would be my pleasure “