OFBJP Unity Partner – Stichting Laxmi

OFBJP​ Management team is pleased to announce that Stichting Laxmi which is based in Barendrecht, The Netherlands, a leading Hindustani- Indian Diaspora Organisations is our Consortium Partner & Advisor. Every Indian takes pride in the fact that India is one of the very few countries where highest offices of President and Prime Minister are occupied by Women. In addition India is one of the rare countries where Hindu deities are the gods and goddesses. Goddesses in Hinduism are the representation of Shakti, the feminine source of power in the universe. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to empower women. Stichting Laxmi was established in The Netherlands in 2016 under the leadership of all women team Millie Mahesh, Ranu Ram Soedjas and Vijanti Kanhai. The current management team comprises of hard working, friendly and enterprising women Monica Ramadhin, Sarita Poeran, Ranu Ramsoedjas, Millie Mahesh and Vijanty Kanhai. Stichting Laxmi is proud of Indian origin, Hindu roots, Hindu culture and Hindu tradition. They have been actively promoting Hindu culture, art and language by organizing workshops for food, music, dance, art, painting and Ayurveda in the municipality of Barendrecht and surrounding cities. It is OFBJP ambition to unite all Indo-Dutch Diaspora Organisation. Stichting Laxmi has been doing this actively by promoting cooperation between the Hindu target group with other communities in the municipality of Barendrecht in such a way that the integration and participation of all involved groups are promoted, while maintaining its own culture and identity through cooperation on coexistence and equivalence with deep respect for each other. In addition, Stitching Laxmi is contributing immensely towards sport among citizens in Barendrecht and surrounding cities to improve health in general and in particular to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression. 
OFBJP will continue to put efforts to bring like minded spiritual, cultural, commercial organisations together to strengthen Indo- Dutch Friendship. 

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