OFBJP Europe Conference

OFBJP European Meet in Netherlands: WE WORK TOGETHER TO WIN

Overseas Friends of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Pan-European Meet took place in Amsterdam on 27 November 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale.
OFBJP Leaders & Teams of Ofbjp Norway,OFBJP Germany,OFBJP Denmark, OFBJP Sweden,OFBJP France,OFBJP Italy,OFBJP Gotenberg, OFBJP Netherlands, Heads of various organisation such as GOPIO, Lallarookh, Marathi Mandal, PvdA party leader of Barendrecht and intelligent individuals from Indian diaspora gathered together to brainstorm on various OFBJP goals.
On this occasion H.E. J.S. Mukul, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, launched the book The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms in India’s Foreign Policy.
OFBJP Netherlands has been recognising people from both Hindustani Suriname Community and Indian Community. OFBJP has been focusing on organisations contributing towards our community or country. During the conference Shri Rajendre Khargi from Lallarookh and Shri Ryan Tewari from GOPIO were honored by Dr. Vijay M Chauthaiwale with BJP Stole and traditional Namaskar for their immense contributions.
Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale also launched a new area of recognition to honor young achievers. Two very talented individuals Smt. Nupur Kohli and Shri Varun Aiyer were honored for their achievements.
During the conference the audience was split up into seven groups to brainstorm on challenges and solutions in specific areas. They focused on solutions to Enhance Indo Dutch Friendship, Strengthen Unity & Brotherhood among PIO,OCI, NRI, Increase Peace & Harmony, Marking issues related to bilateral trade, Stimulating organisation collaboration and Reinforcing OFBJP Europe. Each group presented several attention areas such as increasing awareness about India, removing all prejudice between different cultural, social, spiritual and commercial groups, working together on common missions, recognizing and endorsing, promoting joint seva activities, facilitating yoga events, increasing business, promoting Prime Ministers Development agenda, contributing to Dutch Society problems and collaborating across Europe.
OFBJP team across Europe appreciated the excellent support of Burgemeester Drs. M.M. van ‘t Veld to collaborate for supporting old age people in The Netherlands, Integration Program and Healthcare program.
The brainstorming session ended with Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale providing clear direction for 2017. It was agreed that OFBJP chapters across Europe will not compete with local organisations but will compliment these organisations to be successful. Each OFBJP Chapter will come up with their actions plans. The conference ended with group photos,networking lunch and commitment to work together to realise the Goals.