Community Helpdesk

Since inception OFBJP has been supporting our community in Netherlands. Due to data privacy laws we cannot provide details. 
Warning – All members work to support community to spread brotherhood and sisterhood. We do not take money for any actions, efforts or services delivered.

Community Matters :
Warning – OFBJP does not take Divorce cases as we do not believe in breaking families. It is against our Unity goal. We are open to supporting couples to sort things out to help them to have a beautiful journey ahead.
We have handled several different cases such as follows: We only offer help. All decisions are taken by the person who has asked for help. 

  1. Helping a single mother whose son was bullied at School
  2. Support to Indian who lost his wife
  3. Support to family of Sathish Srinivasan to find him.
  4. Helping Indian family who lost their only bread earner. For more information Click here\
  5. Helping Indian citizen struggling in hospital in last stage of cancer
  6. Helping Indian father with translation service, physical and mental support, food, raising funds,for saving his child who underwent liver transplant
  7. Helping Indian to raise funds for his fathers surgery
  8. Helping a domestic violence victim with food, access to Blijf  house and ensuring safe travel back to her parents in India.
  9. Helping an Indian who was undergoing surgery in Netherlands
  10. Helping an Indian who was being bullied by Dutch Husband to take her lifelong savings.

Emergency Cases:
In case you are in an emergency situation please feel free to contact us anytime.