Dutch Education

The pupils of today become world citizens!
OFBJP Team would like to congratulate Anne Kaiser from Amstelveen Gementee and Dr.Marlies Verkuijlen from Amstelland Education Group for launching its learning network International Meet with various partners who facilitate teaching experience in Suriname, Peru, Guatemala, South Africa and of course India.

It was a beautiful experience to share the Diversity in Education. 134 different nationalities live in Amstelveen. Approximately 14,995 are non-Dutch in a population of 87,000 Amstelveners. Internationalization is therefore a logical and natural subject for all schools in Amstelveen. The children of today grow up in a world that does not stop at the border. Internationalization occurs when one (the teacher and the children) gets an increasingly larger orientation abroad. This involves paying attention to other cultures by, for example, having (online) contact with peers with a different cultural background. Or by actually traveling. Many of Amstelveen schools are already working on Early foreign language education (vvto); English from the infants, Internationally oriented learning content through the offering of the methods for world orientation and teaching packages, Exchange across the border; Below some examples of schools.

  • The Triangle has been involved in the Virus Reconnaissance project in Suriname for a number of years. Every year, teachers go to Suriname to participate in this project.
  • The Circle annually raises money for charity, this year a large amount has been raised for children in Guatemala and recently the director has visited the foundation on site.
  • Via Anne Kaiser (municipal policy advisor) we have come on the path of a school group in Lima (Peru), where they are already well advanced with the introduction of democratic processes at school. A school is called ‘villa Amstelveen’.
  •  Marlies is (unpaid) director of a beautiful small foundation that works to support (language) education in three townships in South Africa.
  • Stichting OFBJP Founder was present to provide an insight on Indian Education system, Solutions on how Dutch Schools and Dutch education system can further enhance their education to meet the needs and skills of future. Stichting OFBJP has offered Dutch Schools in Amstelveen the opportunity to involve Indian Community in Dutch Schools to teach about India and will be exploring teacher to teacher exchange program between India and Netherlands.

Thank you Anna and Dr. Marlies for all your efforts and hardwork to build together beautiful contacts in the world!