Indian Diaspora Engagement

OFBJP takes several actions to engage with the Indian Diaspora to promote unity and brotherhood.

Diaspora Unity: Prime Minister Narendra Modi government is working hard to keep the Indian Diaspora united and connected with their roots. For more information click on Ministry of External Affairs. For more information click here.

Community Unity:  OFBJP has been putting a lot of effort to reach out to Indian diaspora and appreciates their hard work and efforts to preserve and pass on our culture, food, festival, language to the next generation.

30/08/2019 OFBJP Family joins forces with Stitching Indian Light to promote Human Integration

24/10/2018 OFBJP Head of  Embassy Affairs Jayaprakash BK and OFBJP Convener Pratima Singh participated in  Durga Pooja organised by Anandadhara Netherlands  great cultural evening.
OFBJP Dutch Unity Partners Peter Meijer , CEO Bureau Onderwijs Projecten and Mike del Ferro Dutch Painist and Alberto Tijhuis CEO Dutch Aero Holding B.V and key member of Rotary Haarlemmermeer-Schiphol enjoyed judging the Karaoke and the Fashion show. 

08/10/2018 OFBJP Head of Cultural Affairs Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman and OFBJP team would like to congratulate our Unity Partner Frank Krishna Ji for organising a great cultural eveningSaraswati Art is well known in The Netherlands to promote Indian Music and performing Arts.

02/10/2018 OFBJP Head of Student Affairs Girish Kedar celebrated International Non-Violence day at International Peace Palace.

30/09/2018 OFBJP Head of Embassy Affairs Jayaprakash BK , Head of Student Affairs Girish Kedar, OFBJP Volunteer Pranita A Deshpande participated at the Gandhi March campaign today organised by Satnam Singh Goraya Ji from the Indian Embassy to promote Non-Violence.

09/02/2018 Several Indian Diaspora Unity Partners came together to celebrate 2018 Indian Cultural Day. 

02/01/2018 OFBJP participates in Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Bharat Bhawan, Scheveningen organised by Foundation for Critical Choices,Foundation of Indian Diaspora and the Embassy of India.

01/10/2017 OFBJP supports International Day of Non Violence 2017 organised by Indian Embassy in The Netherlands