Feedback from Jignesh Ji

This is jignesh and today I am here to convey my gratitude towards the OF-BJP team of Netherlands. A month ago I was involved in an unfortunate incident that involved police, legal, court, insurance matters and so many other things. Devastated and shocked by the incident itself, I needed help in expert advice in these matters and moral support and guidance through the journey. Of course we have everything here in the Netherlands pretty much defined but still to navigate through all of that I needed some help.

Not knowing exactly what to do I approached Mahesh ji Pandey and within few minutes he created a support group in WhatsApp. In that WhatsApp group we had Naidu Ji, Himanshuji Mahimaji, Raj ji, Jeet ji. They all indeed had experience in handling such cases, but more importantly they provided me with the empathy, the moral support and also the clear understanding of what would be different steps in the path. Whenever needed the team involved many other experts as well throughout the Netherlands. Each and every one of the team was there to help and provide experiences and support in the entire process. Considering that we are here away from our own country and we need someone to reach out to and oF-BJP came forward selflessly as a big brother, friend, philosopher and guide. I sincerely thank the team once again from the bottom of my heart for providing the support when I was indeed in need.