Emergency Dutch Visa Process

In case of emergency visa for Netherlands is needed

Coming to Netherlands requires visa for passport holders of many countries including India. There are different types of visa with which individual can travel to Netherlands. However getting a visa often takes time. In case somebody needs an emergency visa that can be possible and applicant needs to contact IND for the same. Below are in ours from IND website which guides us on urgent cases visa can be granted to an individual.

In case of emergency visa is needed in cooling period 

Step 1 – Seek approval from IND that person is allowed to travel. IND will ask for documents. 

Step 2 – Call Dutch consulate (once approval is granted)

Step 3 – Apply for visa with approval -passport, death certificate, visa

Emergency number

Dutch embassy in New Delhi – +911124197600

Dutch consulate in Mumbai – 91 22 2219 4200

The above number of Dutch embassy can be contacted on any emergency case related to visa for the Netherlands.