2016 CPC

CPCOFBJP launched first ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ (Discussions over Tea) at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel on 11th of  June 2016 to connect people to their roots and strengthen the bonds between Hindustani Community, Dutch Community and the Indian Community in The Netherlands. Prime Minister Narendra Modi continuously aims at good governance and transparency which helps to create trust.
Prime Minister has immense respect for each PIO, OCI, NRI and considers them to be राजदूत which means Ambassador for India hence OFBJP Netherlands works very hard to ensure every Indian has sufficient information on Indo-Dutch friendship.

The highlights of 2016 Chai per Charcha are as follows:

  • His Excellency J.S. Mukul, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of the Netherlands started the session by providing insight into the relationship between India & The Netherlands followed by the achievements under the leadership of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Dr. Vijay Chautiwale, In-Charge, Foreign Affairs Department, Bharatiya Janta Party,  joined us via skype to provide insights on Prime Minister’s initiatives for Indian diaspora and OFBJP Global.
  • His Excellency J.S. Mukul, Ambassador of India announced the dates of 2016 International Yoga Day and gifted a yoga book to the OFBJP team. This yoga book was handed over to Mr. Vinod Sahdev to keep in Hotel Invitation for his efforts and sponsorship. For more information click here
  • Pratima Singh, Founder & Convener OFBJP Netherlands introduced the OFBJP new joinees who will work as volunteers and provided an insight into OFBJP Netherlands chapter.
  • A HERO is a person who is admired for their contributions to noble causes. OFBJP recognised the efforts of HERO’s who have come forward to demonstrate humility, support and brotherhood. Mrs. Pratima Singh, founder and Convener of OFBJP Netherlands honored the HEROs with BJP stoles and performed traditional Namastey which means “I bow to the divine in you”.
    In March 2016, due to the terrorist attack in Brussels, a lot of Indian passengers were stranded in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Jet Airways staff worked tirelessly to ensure these passengers reached their final destinations safely. They showed sensitivity by speaking in the mother tongue to the passengers & insured free food & boarding to all passengers during transit. OFBJP salutes Jet Airways & their staff for demonstrating high solidarity & support. The members who were recognized were Mr Emmanuel Menu, Mr. Waleed Ali, Mr Ashutosh Shukla, Mr Josimus Raja, Mr Rampal Singh,Mr Melwin Saldhana, Mr Robbie Struys, Ms Roopa Sreeram, Ms Premilla Kanga, Mr. KK Vishwanath, Mr Bernard Guisset, Mr Nimesh Shukla, Ms Jyoti, Ms Rosita Bhagwandin, Mr Alain Van Der List, Mr Shaun Crause, Ms Daniella Zolak, Ms Saline Singh, Ms Catalijne Janssen, Mr K Vishwanathan, Mr. Gilbert George, Mr Samir Chada.
    There were several volunteers from the Indian diaspora who came to support Brussels victims in The Netherlands. Most of them were honored by the Dutch Police and the Dutch Elderly home. For more information click here.
    OFBP volunteer Rajeesh Ravi could not make it due to his professional commitments before hence he was honored during this occasion. 

    The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi would like to unite the Hindustani Suriname Community with their roots. This was made possible by our next two HERO’s who welcomed OFBP goals. Mr. Frank Krishna for making Suriname Community aware of Prime Minister’s event in Belgium via radio and TV channels and Dr. Prem Dani for connecting us to his individual friends from Suriname Community.
  • OFBJP had published our first report in 2016. This report was to create awareness on Indo Dutch Engagements and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government . This report was sent to all members of De Eerste Kamer (The Senate is the upper house of the States General, the legislature of the Netherlands) en Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives)  in order to create awareness of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision & mission.
  • The session concluded by vote of thanks from Mrs. Pratima Singh who thanked the speakers, audience, OFBJP volunteers,venue sponsors (Mr. Vinod Sahdev, Hotel Invitation, Mr. Rajinder Singh from Indian Gandhi  Restaurant and Mr. Nitesh Saini), venue organizers (Mr. Gilbert George &  Mr. Sameer Chada from Jet Airways for negotiating this venue), staff members of Sheraton for supporting us with all the logistics for the event.