2019 OFBJP Inspiration- King Willem-Alexander

‘Working together keeps us Strong’
 – King WillemAlexander

King -willem-alexander-liggend_0

Dutch King Willem-Alexander has delivered a extremely powerful and inspiring message on Unity & Core Dutch Value on 25 December 2018 which will be OFBJP focus for 2019:
  1. The values that traditionally belong to the Netherlands, also determine our ability to come together in the future.
  2. We must stick to what we share and protect what connects us. Because that is how we want to live here together.
  3. The Dutch standard is that we look out for each other and the shared interest. That we work together and give and take. We should never let this standard fade! It is invaluable and leads to fantastic new initiatives again and again.
  4.  Freedom needs space. Room to live, to move, to think and debate without fear. Space to be different from each other. The vast majority of Dutch people feel at home in an environment where contradictions are not at the forefront and conflicts are resolved as well as possible together.
  5. Freedom, equality and fair opportunities for everyone also depend on how we interact with each other on a daily basis.
  6. Peace begins with protecting what we share and the use of all positive forces.
  7. A better Netherlands starts in Kleine Huisjes(‘Small Homes). A bright future is possible. Provided we hold on to the faith in ourselves and in each other.Comparison with other countries is often a source of comfort, if not pride.
  8. The willingness to take each other into account and cooperate has brought us far. This was the basis of our country, 450 years ago, when a small group of Dutch regions joined forces against the tribulation and successfully went its own way. Something like that has never been seen before. Active citizens who want to work together despite all the differences. That is what makes us strong. Yes, there are problems and sometimes great tensions.

The Netherlands is in 2018 one of the best places in the world to STAY, WORK and LIVE.