Modus of Operandi

Modus of Operandi for Gelukkige Ouderen Program:

  1. Gelukkige Ouderen will organize programs for the Elderly. These programs will be based on the needs which may differ every years. For 2018 we will focus on Family, Food & Fun.
  2. Every activity will be planned, prepared thoroughly and approved prior to execution
  3. The Gelukkige Ouderen Program team is built based on the consortium of several like minded Indian- Hindustani -Dutch organisation.
  4. Each organization will nominate two members as a part of dedicated team.
  5. Each origination will share the responsibility and ensure to contribute tangible deliverable. In case any organization does not contribute then they will be asked to leave in order to give room to new organizations. For addition of new organization at least core team members should approve their engagement.
  6. The Scope of the work will be jointly agreed based on Dutch polder model. The Scope will be the City of Amstelveen. The core team will discuss the scope of these homes which will be involved.
  7. Every month there will be review of participation and contribution based on which further participation will be decided.
  8. The Program team will meet once a month on third Friday of the month at the Elderly home to meet the Elderly and ensure progress based on planning.

Gelukkige Ouderen Program Funding:

  1. Gelukkige Ouderen will be initially funded by Amstelveen Gementee in order to build something to last.
  2. The Funds will be deposited to a Bank Account of Stichting India Light
  3. From 2019 onwards, Gelukkige Ouderen will need to get sponsor contributions from institutions, companies, political parties, foundations, elderly homes, individuals, CSR funds etc.
  4. Every year a action calendar will be prepared for Gelukkige Ouderen and will be executed if the budgeted costs from the sponsor contributions are covered.
  5. Any budget which is left will be used for the activities of the Program towards making life better for the Elderly and making the Program strong.
  6. All members need to get prior approval of estimated expenses prior to utilisation during the monthly meeting. If budget has not been approved during monthly meeting it will not be released.
  7. Each member is responsible to provide full transparency on Bills, expenses for funds which will be utilized. Any member who will misuse the funds or refuse to give transparency will lead to immediate dismissal. Any member who carries out fraud will be subject to disciplinary action.
  8. All members in the core team will have right to challenge the fund utilization
  9. All payments will be done by ATM card or wire transfer to ensure proper expense log.