Become Gelukkige Ouderen Volunteer

Gelukkige Ouderen means Happy Elderly. Gelukkige Ouderen would like more and more volunteers from Indian-Dutch Community to join us. The main goal of this program is to celebrate togetherness and strengthen Indian Dutch Friendship.

Unique thing about Gelukkige Ouderen:  This program was initiated by Indian Community living in Amstelveen. The Indian community started this project, supported by Dutch Government, Dutch organisations and Volunteers.  As the name says, the purpose is to give attention to elderly and try to support them wherever possible.

The key activities of Gelukkige Ouderen are:
Eating together, Yoga in elderly homes, Taking eldery people to events/ restaurant / museum, ‘Adopt’ an elderly person and most important: spend time together, get to know the eldery, give them attention.

We would like to get your support for this beautiful project. We hope that you will feel happy to join. Are you living in this neighbourhood, do you have some spare time and are you willing to support this beautiful iniitiative then please fill in the below form to become a Volunteer for “Gelukkige Ouderen”.For more information on the Elderly Program click here 
Once you fill in the form, our team will contact you