Modi Supporter in NL

OFBJP family applauds a Scam Free Government lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Bharatiya Janata Party. Here are Top 5 reasons why we admire our great leader:
1. Face of Democracy A Tea seller can become Prime Minister because of his Passion, Patriotism and Capability. Everyone who works hard within BJP has equal opportunity to grow and rise. It is amazing how he has mapped on to world leaders.
2. Dynasty does not define your destiny. BJP works on strong ideology of Antyodaya, which means uplifting of the weakest section of the society and Integral Humanism which means we are all connected via cosmic power. The ideology had helped to shape up policies in the best interest of people.
3. Selfless Service – PM Modi Ji own family continues to live like ordinary citizens and not use his privileges. Modi Ji is known to work for 18 hours a day and lead a very disciplined life.
4. End Vote Bank Politics It is because of BJP government, the people of India realise the damage done by 53 years of congress rule – Kashmiri pundits, Sikh riots, Ram Mandir, Triple Talaq etc. His audacity to address corruption, red tapism etc. via demonization has crushed the cash driven economy and supported digitalisation. His continous efforts to protect nation via immediate surgical strikes to address terrorism shows his commitment.
5. Development Driven Politics Most of the legacy had been abusing the Diversity of India by creating divides. This has changed since Modi 1.0 where politics is done on development. Many decisions such as one nation one tax, massive drive to bring electricity to rural India, financial inclusive initiative to create bank account for poor, removing middlemen to benefit farmers etc.