Change Awareness

Change the rituals to leave a better Legacy for our Next Generation:
With this message we do not want to hurt anyone’s tradition or customs. The Diwali rituals were made in times where nature was in abundance and mother earth was pollution free. With changing times we need to change our rituals to save mother earth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been visiting soldiers on Diwali ever since he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi said that the Indian Armed Forces draw admiration and appreciation across the world, in UN peacekeeping operations. Let’s get inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and teach our kids instead of bursting crackers and fireworks to spend time with Elderly/ People who need help / People who need to be appreciated or donate food or clothes to the less unfortunate or plant trees on Diwali or any festival or any celebration. We all were blessed with a clean and green earth and its our morale responsibility to give our mother earth in the same way to our next Generation. What we sow is what we reap. It will be great if we all adults around the world have the self discipline to stop use of crackers and fireworks.