Student Helpdesk

Student Career Progress – OFBJP supports student community in The Netherlands. In 2015 a student survey was done primarily for TU Delft students. One of the most important issue was work visa after completion of course and finding a job without knowledge of Dutch Language. OFBJP will investigate this matter further in order to find long term solutions.

OFBJP has heard good stories, ugly stories & painful stories. Following are types of student issues which we have handled. Due to data privacy laws we cannot provide details.

  1. Student face accommodation problems.
    Advise: Make sure you have your accommodation arranged prior to travelling to the Netherlands. 
  2. Students cannot find jobs after course
    Advise: Please find out about campus recruitment prior to taking admission.
  3. Student harnessed at Dutch University
    2017: An ex-student of Bits Pilani came to Netherlands for a course and was harnessed and discriminated at campus. This student was the only child of their parents – unfortunately the student reached a point of suicide due to isolation and mental harassment. Our Head of Student Affairs has helped to save the Indian student from committing suicide.
    2018: An ex- student of IIT Roorkee came to Netherlands for a course. The student  faced vindictive actions from her professor resulting in the student unable to get her certification/ degree. This happened at the same university.
    Advise:  Please do not join Dutch University where there are no Indian Students in the past. Please take reference from an Indian Origin Alumini  prior to signing up for the course.