Brussels Terrorist Attack Heros

INDIAN HERO’s get honoured by DUTCH HERO’s:
OFBJP would like to thank the Indian HERO’s for their large hearts and efforts who came out to help victims of Brussels Terrorist Attack.
OFBJP would like to thank The Dutch Home for the Elderly for all their felicitations and the Dutch Polite for their virtuous actions and BJP party for their gesture. We hope that humanity takes precedence in all life situations.

On morning of 22 March 2016, three coordinated bombing occurred in Belgium. As a consequence all passengers were evacuated and sent to Schiphol airport for their onward journey. These passengers needed all kinds of help right from medicine, food, clothing and shelter etc. Following Indians in The Netherlands came forward to help the passengers stranded in Amsterdam. Jailee Joshi Puranik, Girish H. Kedar, Umag Jaini, Hirdesh kumar, Haresh Solanki, Rajeesh Ravi, Nilesh Puranik, Vijay Sharma, Rajaraman Santhanam, Surmeet Singh Lamba and Gaurav Kumar. In order to recognise their effort and noble intention, they were honored with BJP stoles that was sent by Dr. Vijay M Chauthaiwale from Delhi office to demonstrate their respect on behalf of BJP Party. These stoles were given by members of Dutch home for the elderly and medically challenged on 18 April 2016. The Dutch home showed that the mentally and physically challenged people have a heart of gold. It was powerful to see the patience, tolerance of the caretakers who ensured safety and service with love, smile and dedication. OFBJP proudly shared the India tradition of unconditional love for the elderly wherein Indians consider “Old is Gold”. This event was an excellent collaboration of Indian and Dutch values. The Dutch and Indian Hero’s came stronger together on 19 April 2016 when Dutch Polite honored the noble work by giving them a tour of the police station and giving insights on how they try to protect the community and society thus providing transparency on courage, bravery and noble work. The tour ended with a traditional Indian gesture “Namaste” which means ” We bow to the divine in you”. This event was a true fusion of recognition of noble work.