Spiritual Unity

Spritual Unity: OFBJP believes all spiritual gurus play a vital for spreading the message of Unity and peace in Society. OFBJP  participates in events which promote unity & peace.

25/02/2019 OFBJP joins forces with our Unity Partner Avi Sharma from Shiva Temple Amsterdam to promote Unity and Volunteering Work. 
OFBJP thanks Bert Rouwenhorst the honorable Guest of Honour and Chairman of CDA party Amstelveen for being so open to understand Indian Community. Everyone from Indian Community appreciates him for being so Respectful, Friendly and Humble.
OFBJP family members Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman Ji , Kushagra Agrawal Ji and Pratima Singh jointly addressed the audience and honored the Ambassadors of Talent & Unity.

25/02/2018 OFBJP visited Gurudwara Sikh Sangat Sahib, Almere Haven to meet eminent members of our Sikh Community – OFBJP Head of Spiritual Affairs Jinder Singh Aujla, OFBJP management team Girish KedarPratima Singh, OFBJP volunteers Btr Naidu, Manuj Bhardwaj visited Gurudwara Sikh Sangat Sahib, Almere Haven to meet eminent members of our Sikh Community: Shri Chiman Sachdeva Ji, Shri Karamjit Singh Ji, Shri Parmjit Singh Ji, Shri Jaswinder Singh Maan Ji, Shri Lakhwinder Singh Ji, Shri Satwant Singh Ji, Shri Sandeep Singh Thukral Ji, Shri H.S. Sandhu Singh Ji. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP government are working very hard to ensure our Sikh community continues to flourish. Every member of OFBJP in The Netherlands is extremely proud of our Sikh community. 
An excellent discussion took place on several topics related to Sikhs Community, Sikhism and Indian Community in Almere. A strong connection has been established with eminent members. OFBJP members will work together with our Sikh Community members to take the ideas and suggestion forward. 


02/12/16 | OFBJP promotes peace by honoring spiritual Gurus who unite to discuss unity & peace.  “Peace begins with a Smile” – Mother Teresa1: India and The Netherlands are secular countries where all religions are equal. This is the basic norm to ensure World Peace. Several spiritual heads from different religious groups originating from different parts of the world once again gathered to endorse the view that all religions are equal and all holy books believe in peace and try to teach mankind that hate, lies, killing etc. are evils in Society. It is pertinent that people stand up against all Human vices in order to ensure we do not let these immoralities grow in Society.  OFBJP believes Peace & Harmony will be maintained if we ACCEPT, RESPECT, UNDERSTAND & EMBRACE DIVERSITY. This was a view echoed by all spiritual heads and speakers who participated in the mission to promote World Peace. OFBJP congratulates the Dutch Government and Dutch Society for ensuring minimum economic gaps within the entire population which also enables to promote Harmony.  OFBJP believes that education plays a vital role in peace building and requested all spiritual heads to teach their follower and all parents to teach their children “Methods to live in peace”.


30/04/16 | OFBJP participates in an event organised by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in The Netherlands who unites several Indian Spiritual organisations.  We owe peace & harmony to our next generations. Religion plays a profound role to influence people and society. On 30 April 2016, OFBJP, The Netherlands Chapter participated in 2nd World Alliance of Religious Peace organised by HWPL to promote world peace via religion. Several Religious leaders from Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism came together to discuss their beliefs and perspectives. OFBJP was happy to share that in Secular India all religions have equal treatment. We all agreed to ensure equal treatment to all religions not only in words but also in actions to promote peace. In order to take this further OFBJP is happy to collaborate with Religious Heads and HWPL to continue to accept, respect, understand and embrace each religion.