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प्रेरणा – Inspiration

Many Indian and Hindustani Suriname Community members have an enterprising personality and their life journey acts as inspiration for many others especially the dependent Indians who have come to support their families.

OFBJP has been promoting these inspiring person, so that we can stimulate and motivate others. These stories are very uplifting and encouraging.

We applaud these people for their courage and decision to change their lives.

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Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman

OFBJP Family Salutes Anita Ji on 20 years of Charity Work. OFBJP family is proud of our Unity partner and Head of Cultural Affairs Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman. We salute her 20 years of Charity work. Her dedication teaches us that each one has the potential to contribute towards Society. We congratulate you and your team. Keep up the great work. Wish you a lot of success.

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GOPIO Netherlands Celebrates 15th Anniversary

OFBJP family is proud of our Unity partner GOPIO who celebrated 15th anniversary of Netherlands Chapter and 30th anniversary of GOPIO International. Thank you Ryan Tiwari Ji for being our pillar of strength and enabling a strong bond between Indian and Hindustani Suriname community in the Netherlands.

OFBJP Head of Social Affairs and Co- Convenor Tirumal Naidu Ji participated in the celebration yesterday. OFBJP wishes the National Board of GOPIO the Netherlands all the best and a lot of success.


Fred Van Oijen

OFBJP family wishes heartiest congratulations to Fred Van Oijen for receiving the 2020 Orde van Oranje – Nassau. An order is granted because of special contribution towards Society. Fred has worked voluntarily in his spare time, he is committed to the language development of internationals within the Amstelland Education Group and the Language School. He has set up a music learning track and a wind class so that children can learn to play a musical instrument. He is the organizer of the beach volleyball tournament, the running competitions and co-initiator / organizer of the annual indoor football tournament for all primary schools in Amstelveen. His passion for education is infectious and motivating for others. The King of Netherlands is Grand Master of the order. The Indian Community and OFBJP family is very proud of you Fred for this well deserved honor. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and contribution.👏👏👏👏