Unity Partners

It is OFBJP experience that together we achieve more hence we partner with organisation and individuals from Dutch Community, Hindustani Community and Indian Community. OFBJP has been reaching out to organisation who belief in Unity and/or promote Unity, organisation who are non-profit and/or cause-driven or organisation who are working very hard to maintain culture, values and traditions.
All these organisations and individuals believe in Unity and Collaboration. We refer to them as Unity Partners. They all maintain their individuality and collaborate wherever possible. The key essence for collaboration is to promote common goals and solve problems with diversity of solutions. In order to avoid partnering with unethical organisation, a reference check is done on all our unity partners.

Dutch Unity PartnerHindustani Diaspora Unity PartnerIndian Diaspora Unity Partner
Anna Kaizer – Amstelveen GementeeAnita Sewsahai-Hanoeman – Founder & Board Member Stitching India Light. Visit websiteAvi Sharma Pandit at Shiva Hindu Temple Amsterdam Visit Facebook Page
Yvonne & Peter Meijer – BOB Dutch Language Training School 
Ryan Tewari – Chairman GOPIO. Visit websiteShiv Shankar Pandit Runiacs Facebook Page
Gerard Zwerver – Community CareRajendre Khargi  – Communications Advisor – Chairman Lalla Rookh. Visit WebsiteRajaraman Santhanam – President Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands. Visit website
Helen de Ruiter – GGD Amsterdam Millie Mahesh – Founder Stichting Laxmi, Barendrecht.Visit FacebookPrathap Somu, Raju Garaga, Suresh Mallampalli  – Members of Management of Unite4Janasena  
Suzan van der Wiel – 100 ProcentCommunicatie
Henna Mathura – Candidate Member of parliament – CDA and  President Stichting  Vrouwenorganisatie Sarita. Visit LinkedInAkshay Mahashabde – President Netherlands Marathi Mandal Visit website
Sandra Oemrawsingh – Business Advisor. Visit LinkedInRashmi Krishna & Vishwanath NG – Owner of Aspiring Zone Visit website and ProvisionHop Visit website
Reshma Roopram – Candidate member of parliament – PvdA. Visit website
Narsingh Balwantsingh – Candidate member of parliament – PvdA. Visit Facebook