About Us

OFBJP Netherlands has been promoting selfless service towards community, society and next generation in order to create a better world. OFBJP Netherlands works tirelessly to engage and participate with the Indian Diaspora, Hindustani Diaspora, Dutch Community as a part of community service. OFBJP is registered as a “Stichting”  in the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands as  registration number: KVK 63057174.

– Strengthening the friendship and social ties between India and Netherlands 
– Strengthening  our Unity in Diversity by promoting brotherhood and sisterhood among PIO (Person of Indian Origin), OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) and NRI (Non Resident Indian) in the Netherlands

State of Affairs since inception: 
It is a known fact that People can make or break a foundation hence OFBJP Netherlands was founded on some basic principals by local convener to ensure the foundation is a reliable and correct depiction of Indian Diaspora.

NakhaygaCorruption Free: Stichting OFBJP  
OFBJP members work without any remuneration for selfless service towards community. Disciplinary action is taken by anyone found doing fraudulent activities, abusing OFBJP name or working in vested interest.
22/09/16 |OFBJP has been warning people not to pay money as and when they hear about incidents. For more information click here.
So far OFBJP has received only one gift i.e. yoga book from His Excellency JS Mukul which was given to Mr. Vinod Sehdev on 10 July 2016 for his efforts and sponsorship for our first Chai pe Charcha in The Netherlands. For more information click here.

Crime Free: OFBJP Management team ensure to see the resume and passport of new joinee/volunteers. Further association with the person is judged based on his/her contribution and demonstration of characters / our values. Once any new joinee has contributed sufficiently towards OFBJP goals and proves his character based on OFBJP values then there is a formal announcement by OFBJP Netherlands Local and Global Convener. Feedback is taken on an ongoing basis from management members and unity partners prior to such announcements.
04/09/17 | OFBJP Management Team Announcement. For more information click here.

Nepotism Free: Everyone is welcome to join OFBJP.  In order to avoid favoritism towards friends, families, relatives OFBJP has a policy to allow only ONE family member to join. OFBJP believes India belongs to a country and Indian Diaspora needs to be represented with Diversity of India. OFBJP believes a COUNTRY cannot be represented by a FAMILY. A Country has to be represented by the Community of People in true democracy.
22/09/16 | How to become OFBJP Member. For more information click here.

OFBJP Family: OFBJP has a policy not to force or reach out to anyone to work or contribute with us. All Unity partners and members of OFBJP are working together on their own will.

  • OFBJP members work as Volunteers  – True Karyakarta and work together as family members. 
  • OFBJP family gives equal opportunities to all to serve the community, participate in events etc.
  • Character takes precedence. Anyone with ethical character can join OFBJP.
  • All family members are expected to have the highest level of professional conduct at all times – respect, integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Each member has contacted Stichting OFBJP Netherlands on their own. It is OFBJP Policy not to approach anyone to join. 
  • OFBJP walks the talk on Unity in Diversity by maintaining gender diversity, cultural diversity and generation diversity.
  • OFBJP family members join and leave based on their own intrinsic motivation and availability of time. 
  • OFBJP family are supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision and sympathiser of BJP Government (current ruling party) in India.
  • OFBJP family has collaborated with several members of Dutch political organisation like VVD, D66, 50Plus,CDA,SP, PVV etc. to ensure two-way communication with the political leaders for understanding how Indian Community can contribute towards Dutch Society and address the challenges of Indian community.
  • We are a non-profit foundation with no bank account hence there is no legal binding, contract or appointment or recruitment done by Stitching OFBJP Netherlands to any person.
  • OFBJP family members works without salary on top of their personal and professional commitments. This is their way of giving back to their Karm bhumi and Janam bhumi. 
  • Hard work helps progress and growth – Every family member who contributes towards OFBJP goals via their effort and deliverable has right to take higher responsibility. Character and ethics of person is vital.  All OFBJP members work for at least 6 months before they can hold any responsibility. Responsibility is given based on your area of interest and intrinsic motivation. 

There are two types of Volunteers:

  • Full time Volunteers: People who commit to contribute towards OFBJP goals in a dedicated manner. They include all new members who commit to work on a full time basis on top of their personal and professional life with an ambition to do community service on voluntarily
  • Part time Volunteers:  People who commit to help OFBJP on adhoc basis.

Social Media Policy: 
Transparency is key to build Trust hence OFBJP informs the Community via regular announcements on Facebook and Twitter. OFBJP does not use LinkedIn account as it considers this as individual representation. 

Global convener announced Local convener in 2015.
Global convener and Local convener announced OFBJP Management Team since 2017.
Global convener, European convenerand Local convener annouced Co-Convener in 2020.