Every PIO, OCI, NRI, Dutch individual and organisation living in The Netherlands has the opportunity to join OFBJP without any prejudice.
It is a known fact that People can make or break a foundation hence OFBJP Netherlands was founded on some basic principals by local convener to ensure the foundation is a reliable and correct depiction of Indian Diaspora.
1. No place for Nepotism.
OFBJP welcomes PIO, OCI, NRI without prejudice to join them. In order to avoid favoritism towards friends, families, relatives OFBJP has a policy to allow only ONE family member to join.  
2. Character takes precedence.
Anyone with ethical character can join OFBJP.
3. Unity in Diversity.
OFBJP ensures that the team comprises of members who originate from different parts of India to demonstrate our strength of Diversity. OFBJP tries to ensure and maintain gender diversity, cultural diversity and generation diversity.
4. Corruption and Fraud Free:
management team and volunteers work without any remuneration for selfless service towards community. All members are expected to have the highest level of professional conduct at all times – integrity, honesty, transparency, open, direct ,respectful. Disciplinary action is taken by anyone found doing fraudulent activities, abusing the OFBJP name or working on vested interest.
5. Hard work helps progress
Every volunteer who sincerely contributes towards OFBJP goals via their effort and deliverable has right to take higher responsibility. The character and ethics of person is equally vital toward continued engagement.

Organisation Insights:
OFBJP has a policy not to force anyone to work or contribute. All members, volunteers and Unity partners of OFBJP are working together on their own will towards our goals.
1. OFBJP team consists of management and full time volunteer
2. Each management member has worked as a full time volunteer for a minimum period of 1 year to prove their honesty and integrity which are core values of the foundation.
3. The management team is announced by Local and Global convener.
4. OFBJP management team consists of highly educated and highly experienced people from Indian origin.
5. Each member in OFBJP works without salary on top of their personal and professional commitments to contribute to society via our goals.

Global convener announced Local convener in 2015.
Global convener and Local convener announced OFBJP Management Team since 2017.

Social Media Policy: 
Transparency is key to build Trust hence OFBJP informs the Community via regular announcements on Facebook.
OFBJP does not have a Twitter and LinkedIn account as it considers this as individual representation.