2021 OFBJP Inspiration- King Willem-Alexander

At the end of a tough year, this is not the Christmas we hoped for. We’ve all had to adjust our plans. Much that we have been looking forward to cannot happen and that is a disappointment. In living rooms all over the Netherlands, chairs remain empty, while we would have been more than happy to bring in extra chairs. My heart goes out to all those people whose lives have been turned upside down. People with a dream that has broken down. Entrepreneurs who see their healthy business capsize. People who feel lonely and don’t know where to turn. Bottomless is the grief of everyone who has lost a loved one – through COVID or whatever cause – and feels that they were not able to say goodbye properly. We humans cannot live without a loving look or an embrace. Forced distance is against our human nature. I would like to thank everyone who has spent the last few months trying to comply with the measures through trial and error. And everyone who is committed in any way to help us through this crisis or cooperate in making vaccines safely available. The corona pandemic awakened the very best in us.

  1. Sense of responsibility. Compassion. Camaraderie. Helpfulness. Solidarity. 
  2. It also confronted us with the sharp and uncomfortable sides of ourselves and society.
  3. Moments of impatience and anxiety. Everyone will recognize it. They are understandable feelings.
  4. You finally want your trusted life back. And then there is the uncertainty. We can’t handle that very well. Sometimes it feels like uncertainty is worse than a gloomy perspective. We almost automatically assume that everything in life can be controlled. But this? This is beyond our grasp. Those who are uncertain can look to firm ideas, images and standpoints. After all, by choosing a firm position, you make the world clear again.
  5. We live in a time when you seem to be expected to take a stand. Pro or con. Friend or enemy. We or them. But what if you just don’t know? If you doubt? Or sometimes change your mind? Perhaps you do not feel at home with firm positions at all. You may find it annoying to have to take sides all the time, and you may be busy with very different things in your heart than the issues that are so fiercely debated every day. You my be tired of excitement, suspicion, and fanaticism. Tired of the manic mind machine. You may be quietly craving a little mutual understanding. Relaxation. ordinary kindness. And you think: I am apparently an outsider. Let me reassure you: you are not. You are indispensable. The soft voices also deserve to be heard.
  6. Sharp debates about outspoken views or radical ideas are part a free society. They are necessary and take us further. Those who seek guidance in those views or ideas should not be excluded. But the hallmark of a free society is precisely that there is room for nuance. For reason and gentleness. For curiosity and research. For irony and self-perspective – always the best medicine for a pent-up mood. And for forgiveness. An almost old-fashioned concept that plays a major role in the bible. And that can be beneficial in this day and age.
  7. We humans were not created to hate each other. A country where people approach each other with a little love is a country where people can feel at home, even in times of great uncertainty. The apostle Paul put it very nicely: ‘Love is patient and kind. It knows no envy, no conceit, no complacency. It is neither rude nor selfish, it is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs, it does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.’ 
  8. Christmas is traditionally the festival of the returning light after the darkest period of the year. We can rely on that in all uncertainty. Have patience. The sun will return. The light will return. ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ will be played again. We will be able to gather and hug each other again. I wish you all – wherever you are and whatever your personal circumstances – a blessed Christmas

“We are born to take care of each other and for spreading love”

Indian culture has taught us to take care of everyone by helping and supporting each other without judgment/ prejudice and status. In May 2020, our amazing Indian diaspora i.e. our Hindustani and Indian community in Netherlands walk the talk on – “We are born to take care of each other and for spreading love”
OFBJP would like to thank our Hindustani Suriname Community and Indian Community for coming forward for rendering Financial Support to Sawon Das Ji. All the money was transferred directly to his account for supporting his father’s surgery and treatment in India.

Each Indian grows up the idea of selfless service and importance of having an interest in the well-being of others as well as oneself. In many Indian religions serving other people is considered an essential devotional practice to serving God. OFBJP family thanks you all beautiful souls for coming forward to help Sawon Das Ji. A special thank you to our Hindustani Suriname Friends for keeping this rich tradition alive.

OFBJP Team had put the following post to support Sawon Das Ji: One of our fellow Indians Sawon Das Ji living in Netherlands needs urgent financial help as his father is medically serious and he is getting treatment in Fotis Anandapur Kolkata. His father has brain hemorrhage and he will be undergoing neuro surgery today morning. The cost of treatment is almost 1 lac INR per day. We request the community to come forward and donate / contribute. You can directly transfer the money to Sawon Ji’s Dutch Bank account- Name of the beneficiary: S DAS Account number : NL98 ABNA 0867 0596 80or his wife bank account in India Name of a/c holder: Debasmita Mitra. Account number : 00000035088631446IFSC code : SBIN0001796Bank name : State Bank of India, Branch name : Sodepur Branch, Kolkata. Sawon Ji plans to return to amount to the original donors if the money is not utilized. Thank you for your support in advance 🙏🙏.


OFBJP helped Dutch School by collecting old laptop/ iPad

On 2 May 2020, three volunteers from Indian Community group came forward to support our Dutch families. This was possible due to the trust and efforts of Wethouder Ria Zijlstra from Gementee Uithoorn in the Indian Community. Ria has helped us to connect with De Vuurvogel Dutch School in Uithoorn where Ratheesh Venugopal Ji, Himanshu Suri Ji and Pratima Singh Ji have donated their laptop to Conny Morpurgo who is the Director of the Primary School. Conny has thanked the OFBJP team for this wonderful gesture of giving.
OFBJP family thanks all the members from Indian Community as they came forward to donate their devices to help our Dutch families.


Our Role for a Democratic world

On 28 May 2020, OFBJP Co-Convenor Btr Naidu Ji provides his views on Democracy to Gopio Holland. His views are valuable as it provides a vital role inputs to creating a Democratic world. “Democracy puts the power in the hands of people. This means people must be educated to exercise their powers in best interest of the society and country. Democracy must be replaced by Dynasty which is hurting India. Instead of empowering the people, after independence family empowerment started across India. This gave massive rise to corruption, focused on difference to divide people, play vote bank politics, inculcate fear against anyone who raised their voice against wrong leaders etc. This damage is so deep rooted and horrific. Example – The Kashmiri pundits were forced to flee from their own motherland, Riots against Sikhs, dividing Hindu Muslims based on religion etc. People still suffer from illiteracy & poverty. This needs to change.”


Fred Van Oijen – 2020 Royal Award Winner

OFBJP family wishes heartiest congratulations to Fred Van Oijen for receiving the 2020 Orde van Oranje – Nassau. An order is granted because of special contribution towards Society. Fred has worked voluntarily in his spare time, he is committed to the language development of internationals within the Amstelland Education Group and the Language School. He has set up a music learning track and a wind class so that children can learn to play a musical instrument. He is the organizer of the beach volleyball tournament, the running competitions and co-initiator / organizer of the annual indoor football tournament for all primary schools in Amstelveen. His passion for education is infectious and motivating for others. The King of Netherlands is Grand Master of the order. The Indian Community and OFBJP family is very proud of you Fred for this well deserved honor. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and contribution.👏👏👏👏