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Stop destroying humanity with divisions

UN Human rights does not dare to enter or speak about some countries where there are REAL Human Rights issues. They should be putting healing energy to sponsor medication of people suffering anywhere in the world equally.
Stop polarising India and supporting the corrupt Rahul Gandhi family and his allies. From the start it was clear there was foreign forces funding the divide between Hindus and Muslims. Now they are getting exposed. The true political intention of UN existence is becoming clear. #StopdestroyingHumanitywithdivisions.

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New leadership for OFBJP Netherlands

OFBJP Leaders Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale Ji (Global convenor) and Shri Vijay Mehta Ji (European Convenor) have recognized the efforts, skills, hard work of Tirumal Naidu Ji and Ratheesh Venugopal Ji. From now on Tirumal Naidu Ji will be co-convener of OFBJP Netherlands and Ratheesh Venugopal Ji will be Head of Social Media Affairs. OFBJP family congratulates both of them and wishes them all the best & lots of success to contribute towards India Netherlands Friendship and promoting Unity in Diversity.

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प्रेरणा – Inspiration

Many Indian and Hindustani Suriname Community members have an enterprising personality and their life journey acts as inspiration for many others especially the dependent Indians who have come to support their families.

OFBJP has been promoting these inspiring person, so that we can stimulate and motivate others. These stories are very uplifting and encouraging.

We applaud these people for their courage and decision to change their lives.

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2020 OFBJP Europe Summit

OFBJP family is delighted to announce that we will be participating on 8-9th February 2020 at Belgium for our first European Summit in Modi 2.0. This summit is being organised by Global Convenor Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale Ji, OFBJP European Convenor Shri Vijay Mehta Ji, OFBJP UK Convenor Shri Kuldeep Shekhawat Ji and OFBJP Belgium Convenor Shri Hiren Shah Ji. This summit will bring together leaders from different parts of Europe – UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Denmark and Poland. From Netherlands Family will participate.

OFBJP Netherlands congratulates our leaders Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale Ji, Global Convener and Shri Vijay Mehta Ji, European Convener for a highly educated and successful 2020 summit. This was one of the biggest gathering with office bearers from several countries from Europe. It was an enriching experience for each member as there was synergy and recognition of Diversity of India and Diversity of Europe. All members were stimulated with brilliant ideas and suggestions to ensure we can add value to our Karm bhumi ( place of residence) and Janam bhumi (place of birth). All participants echoed that there was simplicity, clarity and huge learning from our leaders. Long live our dreams.


“We are born to take care of each other and for spreading love”

Indian culture has taught us to take care of everyone by helping and supporting each other without judgment/ prejudice and status. In May 2020, our amazing Indian diaspora i.e. our Hindustani and Indian community in Netherlands walk the talk on – “We are born to take care of each other and for spreading love”
OFBJP would like to thank our Hindustani Suriname Community and Indian Community for coming forward for rendering Financial Support to Sawon Das Ji. All the money was transferred directly to his account for supporting his father’s surgery and treatment in India.

Each Indian grows up the idea of selfless service and importance of having an interest in the well-being of others as well as oneself. In many Indian religions serving other people is considered an essential devotional practice to serving God. OFBJP family thanks you all beautiful souls for coming forward to help Sawon Das Ji. A special thank you to our Hindustani Suriname Friends for keeping this rich tradition alive.

OFBJP Team had put the following post to support Sawon Das Ji: One of our fellow Indians Sawon Das Ji living in Netherlands needs urgent financial help as his father is medically serious and he is getting treatment in Fotis Anandapur Kolkata. His father has brain hemorrhage and he will be undergoing neuro surgery today morning. The cost of treatment is almost 1 lac INR per day. We request the community to come forward and donate / contribute. You can directly transfer the money to Sawon Ji’s Dutch Bank account- Name of the beneficiary: S DAS Account number : NL98 ABNA 0867 0596 80or his wife bank account in India Name of a/c holder: Debasmita Mitra. Account number : 00000035088631446IFSC code : SBIN0001796Bank name : State Bank of India, Branch name : Sodepur Branch, Kolkata. Sawon Ji plans to return to amount to the original donors if the money is not utilized. Thank you for your support in advance 🙏🙏.