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Stop destroying humanity with divisions

UN Human rights does not dare to enter or speak about some countries where there are REAL Human Rights issues. They should be putting healing energy to sponsor medication of people suffering anywhere in the world equally.
Stop polarising India and supporting the corrupt Rahul Gandhi family and his allies. From the start it was clear there was foreign forces funding the divide between Hindus and Muslims. Now they are getting exposed. The true political intention of UN existence is becoming clear. #StopdestroyingHumanitywithdivisions.

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कार्यकर्ता – Volunteers

The OFBJP Foundation is focused on philanthropy with a clear mission on Unity, Friendship, Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

We always think of a Better world and here is a family of volunteers who sacrifice their personal time and money to make it a better world. Our diverse family works on Integrating Indian Community in Dutch Society and educating our Dutch Friends that India is country of Diversity and proper recognition of this is needed to build an inclusive Society. The beauty of this family is we are united on common values ​​and passion for Humanity.
# LongliveIndianNetherlandsFriendship