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Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman

OFBJP Family Salutes Anita Ji on 20 years of Charity Work. OFBJP family is proud of our Unity partner and Head of Cultural Affairs Anita P. Sewsahai-Hanoeman. We salute her 20 years of Charity work. Her dedication teaches us that each one has the potential to contribute towards Society. We congratulate you and your team. Keep up the great work. Wish you a lot of success.

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GOPIO Netherlands Celebrates 15th Anniversary

OFBJP family is proud of our Unity partner GOPIO who celebrated 15th anniversary of Netherlands Chapter and 30th anniversary of GOPIO International. Thank you Ryan Tiwari Ji for being our pillar of strength and enabling a strong bond between Indian and Hindustani Suriname community in the Netherlands.

OFBJP Head of Social Affairs and Co- Convenor Tirumal Naidu Ji participated in the celebration yesterday. OFBJP wishes the National Board of GOPIO the Netherlands all the best and a lot of success.


Our Role for a Democratic world

On 28 May 2020, OFBJP Co-Convenor Btr Naidu Ji provides his views on Democracy to Gopio Holland. His views are valuable as it provides a vital role inputs to creating a Democratic world. “Democracy puts the power in the hands of people. This means people must be educated to exercise their powers in best interest of the society and country. Democracy must be replaced by Dynasty which is hurting India. Instead of empowering the people, after independence family empowerment started across India. This gave massive rise to corruption, focused on difference to divide people, play vote bank politics, inculcate fear against anyone who raised their voice against wrong leaders etc. This damage is so deep rooted and horrific. Example – The Kashmiri pundits were forced to flee from their own motherland, Riots against Sikhs, dividing Hindu Muslims based on religion etc. People still suffer from illiteracy & poverty. This needs to change.”

Several Dutch Friends have asked us about the current state of affairs in India. OFBJP family guidance to our Dutch Friends.
1. Its unfortunate reality that people are destroying property, burning buses to demand for ” Azadi- Freedom” and demand “Equality” & ” Secularism ” which is already prevalent in India.
2. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power it has been the ambition of one corrupt family to partner with all corrupts to continuously destroy the hard work of India’s Prime Minister by distracting them with branding him as an Hindu Extremist. We know he is focussed on eradicating corruption in all areas including illegal migration and continues to develop the nation.
3. The recent events in India has exposed the desperation of the most corrupt family of India – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandi and Priyanka Gandhi who live in a lavish highly guarded house and get on streets for few hours to provoke the needy, use the Diversity of India to divide people, use the so called elites to be their mouth piece and abuse the students in college campus.
4. Recently the true intelligence of Bollywood Divas / Hero’s who are worshipped for their looks was exposed. OFBJP family continues to request people to remember their fundamental Duties and we strongly condemn violence and acts of destruction & hate. #WesupportPrimeMinisterNarenderModi.