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2020 OFBJP Europe Summit

OFBJP family is delighted to announce that we will be participating on 8-9th February 2020 at Belgium for our first European Summit in Modi 2.0. This summit is being organised by Global Convenor Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale Ji, OFBJP European Convenor Shri Vijay Mehta Ji, OFBJP UK Convenor Shri Kuldeep Shekhawat Ji and OFBJP Belgium Convenor Shri Hiren Shah Ji. This summit will bring together leaders from different parts of Europe – UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Denmark and Poland. From Netherlands Family will participate.

OFBJP Netherlands congratulates our leaders Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale Ji, Global Convener and Shri Vijay Mehta Ji, European Convener for a highly educated and successful 2020 summit. This was one of the biggest gathering with office bearers from several countries from Europe. It was an enriching experience for each member as there was synergy and recognition of Diversity of India and Diversity of Europe. All members were stimulated with brilliant ideas and suggestions to ensure we can add value to our Karm bhumi ( place of residence) and Janam bhumi (place of birth). All participants echoed that there was simplicity, clarity and huge learning from our leaders. Long live our dreams.